About us

We understand art and culture as the driving engine of our society.
That is why we have been passionately promoting and supporting art and culture projects for many years.

It has always been our aim to go beyond the classic Corporate Sponsorship, not just financially supporting art projects but as far as possible and desired, also to actively contribute ideas and participation in developing projects and ideas.
If we look back in the history of Steinmayr & Co we can say, that this entanglement of art and business has not only enriched our daily work routine.
Our corporate culture has also benefited from the collaboration with these particular institutions.

With the foundation of an Art- and Culture Department in October 2018 our work in this area intensified even more and the idea of an own gallery for contemporary art envolved.
With our curatorial and organizational work in the exhibition space “Im Vektor- operated by Steinmayr & Co” we want to integrate a platform for exchange and communication.
Our own project to bring the economic and the art sector closer together, by inviting friends, customers and people which are simply interested in art and culture.